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J. Wesley is an agent of change to the disinherited and marginalized – those who have been cast aside by society and need to meet Hope. This calling to minister was predestined before his birth on September 12, 1989 in Newark, NJ. His grandmother had gifts of a heavenly kind, as does he. In his case, J. Wesley is considered something of a modern day prophet.


Let’s expound: From a tender age, the Lord’s presence was evident in J. Wesley. Although he tried straying from the path God intended for him, like many others, he learned after much trial and error, that he could and would not fulfill his destiny and find true happiness as long as he continued to ignore his truth and God. Through overcoming the trials and tribulations of life, J. Wesley emulates resilience and servant leadership. He overcomes each trial, tribulation and tragedy and his experiences have equipped him to pour out what God has poured into him - hope.


J. Wesley believes that through his example, people will be healed, made whole, delivered and ultimately experience the freedom to live authentically.  He hopes that you will understand that it is possible to have a strong personal relationship with God in spite of society. His book, “You Said One Thing; God Said Differently- Silencing the Unauthorized Voices and Living Your Authentic Life” was written with every person mind, touching on that most sensitive question: Does God really love you? J. Wesley’s story is unparalleled, but he allows each reader to see him transparently, believing wholeheartedly that one may practice their own ideologies and religions, as long as they don’t bring harm to humanity. One should accept and feel free to live in truth no matter how abnormal or adverse to the ways of society it may seem; this allows us each to experience true healing and deliverance, for “as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” (Marianne Williamson)


As such, J. Wesley lives by the mantra, “If I can help someone as I pass along, then my living will not be in vain.”  By God’s grace, J. Wesley can attribute many accomplishments to God, family, friends as well as life experiences. J. Wesley holds a B, A. in Sociology, M.Ed. in Higher Education, Certified Pastoral Counselor, Masters of Religion in Public Life, Certifications in Pastoral Counseling & Leadership and he is currently pursuing his PhD in Sociology. He is an Educator, Liberation Theologian and Social Justice Advocate that has the pleasure of serving the Academy, Community and the Chruch. For more information about J. Wesley, check out his book, follow him on social media, or send him a message. 

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